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Three New Films

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"A map of strange landmarks – Disappearing Island, Witch’s Cave and Krydor: Village of Abandoned Churches – introduces visitors to the latest work from the hallucinatory world of Saskatchewan artist Amalie Atkins. The boundaries of this world are charted as a cloud of hypnagogic smoke billowing from an oven fed with diamonds by a hunchbacked grandmother.

Atkins’ vision speaks to persecution and the precarity of subsistence farming. In a world without justice or causal logic, superstition gives form to fears that are warded off with the everyday alchemy of embroidery and baking."     

Review excerpt by Sandee Moore, Galleries West


Scarlet Star
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To receive a password to view films,  book an exhibition, performance, or a film screening, please send a message.

16 mm films, photographs, and immersive installations are available for gallery exhibition. 16 mm films and hd video versions of the films are also available for one night film screenings accompanied by live music.

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